We are drowning in information these days and with our attention span ever decreasing it is hard to get the attention of your ideal client. You really need to stand out to be noticed. The photos on your website are crucial to the level of online engagement. 

I attended a very interesting talk last Tuesday by Alan Hennessy, digital marketing consultant and owner of Kompass Media. He discussed some very interesting facts:

  • 90% of information entering the brain is visual;
  • The human brain is able to recognise a familiar object within 100 milliseconds
  • People tend to recognise familiar faces within 380 milliseconds.
  • We remember visual images much easier than words, the better the imagery, the more we will remember it.

That last fact in particular grabbed my attention. Is there any better reason to get your personal brand photography session booked? What your business needs is a  consistent pool of images that represent your business. Rather than using stock photos that are very generic, or phone photographs that might not have the professional look that you are aiming for, a personal brand photography session will add that personal touch and will provide you with good quality photos that are authentic and unique like you. The photos will show a consistency which will allow for the human brain to recognise your business in a lot less than a second (see second and third fact) the next time you post a photo online.

Booking a personal brand photography session could be your best investment this year.

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