Three years on …

This is my first attempt to start a blog. Trying to tell about my life as a photographer for Janssen-photography (http://www.janssen-photography.ie/ ) and all the things that keep me going.
Here I am, starting my third year as a wedding photographer. Looking back it is amazing how much you learn in these few years.
Over this time-frame, I have taken on a few principles. Most of all to use as little artificial lighting as possible. It keeps the photograph so real. I am currently looking into starting naturally-lit portrait photography. I think it is amazing and so much better than the flash photographs. The only thing that is stopping me is to find out if the market is ready for it. Do people still want the studio pictures, because it looks more professional, in their eyes?
Another thing that would be one of my key principles is that the customer is king. Isn’t this the main objective for companies these days to keep going during a recession. I used to have some restrictions in the agreements I set up for my customers, but now I urge them to discuss any other wishes that they may have … Well next time more …

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