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Baby Photography
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Newborns are one of my favourite people to photograph. I have three children and after having them it never felt as if I really had the time to enjoy their tininess, until I discovered baby photography … Photographing babies, brings me back to my own children when they were that age. Babies are so pure and beautiful to photograph. I provide baby photography at home. That means that I capture your baby/ babies in the comfort of your own home. No worries, I will bring the props. There is no need to pack up and go to a studio when you have a 1000 other things to do. I want you to be as comfortable as possible.

During a session it’s the baby that leads. I always plan in extra time in case the baby decides not to settle. The best time to photograph babies is between birth and 10 days. That’s when they still really enjoy their sleep. After this time they are more alert and they might have issues with digestion or the infamous growth spurt (I had a few 11-day olds who were taking a stretch) which is not great for settling the baby.

After this time, I am still more than happy to take photos of your baby. Bear in mind though that the ‘sleep baby’ photos might not be straightforward. We might have more photos of your baby awake. It is nice to capture the curiosity of a baby at that age and it’s even nicer if we can get a real smile…

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