Cold meat and cheese platter | Food Photographer

Tapas with white wine | Food Photographer Dublin

Tapas | Food Photographer

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Tapas with beer and red background | Food Photographer Wicklow

Tapas and a salad on red table runner

Food photographer | Personal Brand Photography

Mussels in a skillet | Personal Brand Photography

Flambing | Food Photographer

Mussles being dropped into a skillet with flames| Food Photography

Food in a takeaway container | Personal Brand Photography

Cup cakes close-up | Food photographer Dublin

Picnic on a table with basket | Food Photography

This is the Creole story ….

Creole Food Specialises in Muaritian and fusion food. Mauritian Food is famous for combining the best native African, French and Indian cuisine to create something truly special.

Creole’s ingredients, are prepared and cooked from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients where possible, fresh Irish produce, every day of the week. Ensuring good food, at home but of restaurant quality.

Creole uses fully compostable packaging, which is made from sugarcane pulp meaning it will fully breakdown into nutrient rich soil, organically rather than going into crowded landfills.

The restaurant has a great ambiance and is decorated in sa shanti-town style. Everything about Creole is unique. 

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