Mini-sessions at Killruddery House Gardens

Once the flowers are coming out and the sun returns, please don’t miss the Mini-sessions at Killruddery House gardens. About once or twice a month I venture out to the beautiful surroundings of Killruddery House gardens to capture a lot of gorgeous smiles and little giggles with Rhodondendrons and lush greenery as a backdrop.

Dee (6 of 21)Copyright: Janssen Photography

Please join me on one of these sessions. We meet at the entrance to the gardens, from here we walk to a nice spot to take a family picture, this will help the kids to get used to me and more importantly my camera! After this it is just playtime for the kids, the more fun they have the better images I will get. The idea is that the kids are doing their thing, running around and being kids, as this will allow for a very natural and happy portrait. The session takes about half an hour but this depends on the children. Some children just take a bit longer to get into the swing of things.

Isabel (20 of 21)Copyright: Janssen Photography


Once we are both happy with the photos that I have taken, I will edit them and give you 15 digital images as part of the deal. This means that you can print the photos yourself. I also have a 8×10′ print included in the deal.

The biggest challenge is …the Irish weather! Obviously, I will reschedule if it is raining. This has already happened a few times. A grey sky can actually be more flattering than sunshine in a photo. However, the main thing is that you are happy with the photos so if you prefer a sunny day we can reschedule if the day does not turn out to be like that.

Lucy (12 of 20)Copyright: Janssen Photography

One final tip if you consider to join me on a session: bring some sturdy shoes, no heels! The paths can be a little bit muddy. That all adds to the fun.

For more information and any upcoming dates, have a look at my website: Killruddery Sessions or you can find me at the Killruddery Farm market once a month on a Saturday, just look out for Janssen Photography.







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