I love searching the internet for blogs of photographers who I admire. It’s a great way to learn some new things as well. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a photographer whose work I absolutely adore. Her name is Maria Murray, she is based in the UK (www.mariamurray.co.uk). She does wedding and portrait photography.I was particularly interested in her portrait photography. She gave shape to ideas which I had in mind but was not sure on how to realise them. She does quite some portrait shoots outdoors and that’s where my interest came in. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I would like to do some natural-lighting portrait photography but was not sure if there would be a market for it. Well, looking at her photographs, I am sure there must be. The only thing missing for me at the moment is a portfolio. In the near future I will start looking for some volunteers to pose for me, and who do not mind to have their photographs published … Watch this space!