Following on from the blog post I wrote 2 weeks ago, I want to describe a Personal Branding photo session in a bit more detail.

Pre-shoot …

THe first and most important stage of the session is when I get to know you and your business. I have a questionnaire with questions relating to your brand and to you. We will go through these questions together. This will give me an idea of your brand, your style, your personality and the essence of your business, in short; your story.

Photo of a coffee shop counter with cakes displayed and lady making coffee

Shoot for Red Bird Cafe

Based on all that information, we will put a shoot plan together. THis will include:

The date, location or locations (depending on the package) for the session

The clothes and styling we will add. We might use props to enhance the story, depending on your business.

The number of photos that we will take as well as a description of the images that we are planning, detailing the idea behind the image.

Shoot ….

I always advise to consider a trip to the hairdresser and make-up artist on the day of the shoot, if it fits into your schedule. These minor finishing touches will really help more to define your brand. It will also help you to feel good. Another tip is to drink plenty of water and have a good night of sleep, the day before.

Lady posing in a black patterned dress against a grey timber door.

Shoot for Your Style Your Story

On the day of the shoot we will go by the aforementioned plan and enjoy ourselves. The key is to have a very relaxed photo shoot. The real you has to shine …

Post shoot …

After the shoot it will take about 1 business day to upload your proofs. You can pick your favourites and I will edit these to the final version. The editing process should not take longer than a week. You will receive your images in high resolution (for printed work) as well as optimised for the web. THe nice thing about branding photos is that you will have the usage right for these images, which means that you can alter the images, such as adding a filter, cropping the photos, etc.

Another nice touch will be that I can name the photos for SEO. This will help you boost your website.

Close-up of cake, hot chocolate and pomegranate, displayed on a brightly patterned cloth and dusted with icing sugar

Shoot for Red Bird Cafe