With the preparations for the Christmas season in full swing, I just want to share this with you …

When it some to branding, I have one big hero. One person who pulls it off every year. He is consistent, he has a vision, is instantly recognisable and has an amazing network. His name is Claus, Santa Claus.

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Brand Consistency

Santa is consistent in all he does. He delivers every year on the same date. He delivers good value. The result is a very trustworthy and reliable brand.

Brand Vision

Every year, Santa plans ahead for the busy season, he is making a list and checking it twice! He plans for staff and has his production lines ready to go when the demand rises. He gets his logistics sorted to ensure a smooth shipping experience …

Brand image

Santa’s brand is instantly recognisable. It took a few centuries to polish off this look. Santa’s images started off as a bishop called St Nicholas, who was born in Myra in Turkey. He was the protector of sailors and children. Dutch immigrants brought ‘SinterKlaas’ to America in the 18th century. In Dutch tradition, Sinterklaas brought children gifts on the 5th of December, the eve of his birthday. In the 130 years that followed, he underwent multiple transformations, From a skinny man in a green coat to an elfin-like person with a clay pipe.It was in the 1930s that Coca-Cola started advertising with the Santa we know nowadays: a jolly, old man with a beard dressed in red and white. His level of detail when it comes to Personal Branding is second to none. By using different types of media, he tells the story of his enterprise by showing himself, his environment and the workings of his business. And the best thing is we can never get enough of it…

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Brand Network

Santa is a great networker; he has a great world-wide network of people. He loves connecting with them through video and email. He communicates his message through thousands of distribution channels (the shops) … He still has to improve a bit on the use of the other social media platforms, but that’s only a matter of time.

Quite a few lessons we can learn from the old man. I’ll start compiling my list now ….