I was approached by a friend of mine last month to help her design a brand photo for the website for her new business. The business offers food science expertise with a focus on innovation. The brief was as follows: “powerfully engaging photographs on food design to redesign/redevelop my website for the new consultancy business.  I am keeping an open mind (create a new image, illustration or picture). I am looking for something more impactful than what is readily available on istock/pixabay/pexels. In terms of feeling, I would describe what i am looking for as: natural, clean-label, organic, scientific, trustworthy. The associated feeling would be: healthy, clean and nourished. What I need is some clear differentiation between my business (food science/technology/knowledge/collaboration) and cooking and this is not easy to find or communicate.”

She sent me a few examples of photographs that she liked. Combining all the components, I came up with the following style/ photo: