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When is the best time to book a baby photography session?

As soon as possible. If you are pregnant and know that you want a newborn photo session, please schedule your session as soon as you can. Although I make every effort to fit in last minute newborn session request, once the schedule is full, it can sometimes be difficult to do so. Once you are on the schedule, you will be given priority for session scheduling when your baby arrives. If your baby is already born, please do feel free to call and inquire about a session as I do try to fit in newborns whenever possible.

When should I call to schedule the actual session date?

I ask that clients put me on their birth call list so they remember to give me a call as soon as possible after the baby is born (email is fine too!). Some parents will even message me as they are going into labour or heading for the hospital. This allows me to do any schedule juggling that might be necessary to be sure that your session will take place within the first two weeks.

When is the best time for the newborn session to take place?

The best time for a newborn session is within 6-9 days after birth. There are circumstances when your baby may have to be photographed later (such as a longer hospital stay), but in general we want to photograph your baby as soon after birth as possible. This gives us the best chance to get those sleepy poses. After this time your baby will be more alert. Obviously, I can also do a session then, but it might be a bit different from the typical newborn session.

What should we wear? What should the baby wear?

Once your session is reserved, I will send information to help you to prepare for your newborn session. It will include clothing suggestions.


Where will the baby session take place? Where is your studio?

All of my sessions are done on location. This means that I will come to your home for the session. I will bring everything that is required for a successful newborn session. Once I arrive, we will look around your home together and decide where the session will take place. Occasionally we may move furniture to make room but I have worked in apartments with limited space and we can always make it work.

Having the baby session in your home will allow you and your family to relax in the comfort of your own surroundings during the session. Your older children can play while waiting for their turn to be photographed, and mom and dad can sit back and relax on the couch while I work with your baby. During the session we will take breaks for feedings and cuddling as necessary.

How long will the session last?

Newborn sessions are very unpredictable. The session could last anywhere from an hour and a half to up to four hours. 

What if my baby cries or is cranky?

Once your session is scheduled, I will give you all of the information that is needed to help to ensure a happy, sleepy baby during our session. If you follow the tips and guidelines that I give you, chances are good that we will not have a problem, although some babies do take longer than others to settle and we will work around it.

Can we get some images of the new baby with big brother and big sister?

I always encourage everyone in the family to join in with the session at some stage. It might be a bit trickier with young toddlers, but we will definitely try!

For further information you can contact me, Karin here.

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