Coffee-table books

My next big thing is a well-designed, personalised and unique wedding album. I am a big fan of the new style coffee table books. They are so versatile and allow for a lot of creativity. Every page in the photobook is a work of art: all the material that I use for the photobooks would have been part of the wedding. For example, for one wedding, which took part in Castle Leslie, co Monaghan, I used the wallpaper in the hotel as a background for the photos in the album. Another great advantage of the photobooks is, that it is so easy to use text in it as well. I can scan everything, from menus to invitations or parts of speeches, it all adds to the personal character of the album. The result of it all is, a collection of mementos of the big day. An album that people will really look into, rather than the polite leaf-through.
Although, traditional albums do not offer all the items mentioned above, they are unique in their own way, they have a classy look, and maybe their simplicity defines their exclusivity.

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