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Let me help you to tell your brand story and increase your online engagement as well as your revenue.

Personal Brand Photography

A personal brand photography session is just that, telling the story of all the different aspects of your business: you the owner, the product and how it all comes together.

Product Photography

Your product is one of the most valuable aspects of your business. I understand the importance of it and I will make sure that your product is captured in its best light.

Headshot Photography

Your brand is YOU! Therefore, I will ensure that your headshot will reflect your personality and your brand.




My Story …

Unfortunately, I can’t start my story telling how I got my first camera at 3 and that I have been hooked since. That did not happen. I always liked the visual arts though. I had this ambition in secondary school to become an ad designer. Which didn’t happen either, because I felt that I was not good enough. I went on to study French and Russian translation instead. I loved finding creative ways of communicating the message in a different language. While I spend some time in Russia, travelling through the ex-Soviet countries, I brought my parents’ manual film camera. This is when I really started to enjoy taking photos. Fast forward 10 years, we had some friends over for dinner. One of my friends was admiring the Russia photo that I had hanging in the living room. She said that I should take up photography. That’s when I started thinking about photography as a possible career ….

I set up as a wedding photographer. And slowly started to get into family portraits and newborn photos, too. Over the last 1-2 year I have also specialised in business photography, and brand photography in particular.


I have always been very interested in people. What is their background, what drives them, what is their story? This really helps me in photography. I try to get the best out of every person I have in front of the camera. The photo should show what the person is all about, their story. Being an entrepreneur, I can see what a struggle it is to get attention online. I want to help other business owners to create an impressive online presence. By photographing their business story, I want to offer a way to communicate their brand authentically and accurately. Just as I once did, when translating from one language to another. My clients’ social media and web presence is my concern and I want to offer them a way to achieve a higher online engagement and increased revenue as a result!

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